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Kilika's Rant 09.30.05

Last Wednesday night, my golden retriever, Sam, passed away. He was being petted by my family when he closed his eyes and left this world. I got a chance to say goodbye to him last weekend, but I wish that could have been with him during his last moments. He almost passed last week, but he seemed to hold on long enough for me to drop by home to see him one last time. He was the best companion that I could ever have asked for. I'm just happy that I got 9 wonderful years with him (I adopted him when he was four). He's in a better place right now, and I'm very thankful for his friendship and love.

The reason I like to say "Aloha" so much is because it doesn't really mean goodbye. It's more of an "Until next time". I'll see him again one day. I know it.

Aloha, Sam. You gave so much love to this world. I love you so much, buddy.

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