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Kilika's Rant 7/27/10

Aloha! An update! Of sorts... You may remember this comic from WAY back. This is still my favorite comic to this day, so I wanted to do a refresh. Crazy how far I've come with the style since then!

So I'm sure the question in everybody's mind is: "Where's a new update?". Very good question indeed. Honestly? I don't know. But that doesn't mean I'm not working on finishing the wedding story arc. I'd like to finish the entire arc before I post anything new related to it online, so I can show it uninterupted. No missed updates until you've seen the end of it. I'll be at a few upcoming conventions in the next month, and I'll have printed updates with me, so you can see the updates before I post them. I have lots of other fun stuff as well, including an unseen mini-comic that I can't post up here yet due to publishing rights. Long story short- I did a comic for a magazine, and want to make sure it's cool with them before I post material for free. No word on that yet from them.

I'll be walking around Otakon this Saturday with a bag of swag. I won't have a table, but if you find me, I'll show you the new work and maybe even give you something cool (if I don't run out of it by then). Hope to see you there!

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