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Kilika's Rant 6/04/10

Aloha! So yeah, the Cuddles story. Based off of real events. When my brother Alex and I were in Hilton Head a few weeks ago, Alex was on the beach when a fisherman caught a young hammerhead shark. After debating on whether or not to throw a freaking shark back into the waters of a family resort, he decided releasing him was the humane thing to do. Problem is, nobody there was willing to get the hook out. So they cut the line and threw him back in, but he immediately flipped over dead and drifted away.

When Alex shared this story back home, most of us were thinking "how sad". I on the other hand, was holding back maniacal laughter of the thought of a little kid being the one to discover the shark. I'm a horrible person, I know.

Stories aside, I've been trying to find a new update schedule to work with. I'm thinking that shooting for Mondays and Fridays sounds best, so I can max out my time in the middle of the week and during the weekends to work on updates. If this doesn't work, I really want to find a consistant schedule, so I'll rework it until I can deliver when I say I want to.

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