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Kilika's Rant 5/25/10

Aloha! Seriously, to the dude or dudette reading this, I'm sorry for not popping my head in for over a month. It's been... well, weird. I guess that the best way to describe this is that I was getting burnt out from drawing for a while. Problem is, I was still writing (a lot), so I felt that I was getting nowhere, fast. I wanted to draw more comics, but I just couldn't get myself to do so. This weirded me out, because drawing Blue and Blond is the greatest thing that I've done with my life and brings me much joy. Why could I write new material, but struggled to pick up a pen?

I think I found the answer last week. Last week I visited the beach in Hilton Head, SC; the place that inspired me the most for book 5 of Blue and Blond. One day that week, I decided to take a day-trip down to Savannah College of Art and Design. Something there brought the flame back to my passion for drawing. I really think it was being surrounded by other artists. Ever since I graduated from college two years ago, I haven't spent much time around other artists on a consistant basis. Sure, I saw other cartoonists at the conventions, but a weekend every other month didn't cut it.

So now I'm looking for an art group or even an art studio to join in the Northern Virginia area. I've heard of a few good places that I want to check out, and I have a good feeling that this will help me not only update on a more consistant basis, but really bring out the best in my artwork. We're nearing the end of book 4 and about to start book 5. I've talked a lot about the book 5 project, but never really explained much about what it's going to be. So I figured that I might as well share the basic idea for it with you now. Least I could do after a month of being away.

Book 5 will be more like a graphic novel instead of a comic strip with a storyline. The whole book will be one story, with a beginning, middle, and end.

It will be shorter than the other books I've made, but it will be even more awesome than anything before. Originally it was going to be the final chapter in book 4, but I thought it was such an awesome idea, that a single chapter wouldn't cut it. Another reason for this change is because I wanted new readers to enjoy my current work first. My newest work is always my favorite, and I hate seeing book 3 (and book 4 when it's finished) get overlooked because people want to start at the beginning. So I thought, "Hey! If I create a stand-alone book where you didn't have to read anything prior to it to enjoy the storyline, wouldn't that be awesome?" So book 5 will still take place chronologically after book 4, but you won't need to read anything before it to understand what's going on. I'm really excited to start drawing this, because when I said that I got a lot of writing done earlier, it was mostly for this new book of mine.

On a different note, today's comic is inspired by a true event that took place when I was at the beach last week. There will be a part two to the comic, so check back later this week for that. Honestly, you won't have to wait as long as you did for today's comic.

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