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Kilika's Rant 09/18/09

Aloha! I hope that you like Rachel's new style as well! I showed a peak of it a few months ago. Originally, I was going to save it for the next story arc, but figured that I like it so much, why not include it now? It was actually going to play a part in the story, but I'm not so sure if I'm even going in that direction anymore with the writing. Will this mean that Rhiannon will get a makeover too? Maybe. To be honest, I really don't know. Karen's new hair style was very last-minute, while Rachel's had been planned for months. If she doesn't get an update this chapter, she will for the next one.

I know that it's kind of last-minute and all, but I will in fact be at the Small Press Expo next week! I have a wedding to attend to on Saturday though, so I will only be there personally for day 2 of the expo, Sunday. However, a good friend of mine will be watching the table for me while I'm away, so you can still pick up some of my new stuff there. I've got some REALLY awesome little things planned for the table, so make sure to drop by! And if it gets finished in time, I'll have a brand-new, exclusive Blue and Blond comic book for sale, too! This has been taking up a lot of my time recently, and it's all material that won't be found on the site for quite some time.

So a couple of my cartoonist buddies recommended that I whip up a mini-zine or two to have at the Small Press Expo, and I took it a step further. I'll have at least 4 mini-zines for sale at the con, all with new comics that can't be found in the book collections yet. Neat!

As for my friend watching over my table, Mike, he's a cartoonist as well. He's a genius when it comes to black and white inking, and I'll post some of his stuff on Monday. He'll actually be passing out cards and mini-zines of his own comic as well on Saturday, so I really recommend checking it out. Actually, his current comic, Wheel Jack Union, is up on Zuda Comics! It's a really badass story, and I highly recommend checking it out. Actually, if you could go ahead and vote for it, that would be awesome. It was picked out of a large submission list of incredible indie comics, and made it to the top ten. He hasn't done much (or any) promotion for it outside of his friends, so help the guy out and vote for it!

It's got World War 2 action and giant robots who kick Nazi ass! Could you ask for anything else from a comic!?

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Small Press Expo 2009, September 26th,27th
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