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Kilika's Rant 09/11/09

Aloha! Dude, it's true! Dan is back in the comic! After hundreds of comics, he gets a speaking role again! A few other old characters might be popping up in this story as well. And Karen gets an update, too! I've always thought about giving her hair a solid color, and I'm glad that I did.

So sorry about the missed updates. I ran into a bit of writer's block. I had something completed, but to be frank, it was lame. So I actually skipped a few comics and went straight to this one. Kind of glad that I did, too, because the few that I skipped over really weren't important.

So as usual, before choosing a location for the new story arc, I did some research into Puerto Viejo. It's got some of the best surfing in Costa Rica, so I knew it was a good choice for this chapter. It does have quite a bit of crime, but not anything more than you could find in other Costa Rican towns.

Speaking about weddings, tomorrow is my old friend's bachelor party. We're going to a chili concert for the day and go camping that night. I can't wait to get to the bachelor party for Dash's wedding in this story. I've been looking forward to drawing that for a long time.

Also, I've got some upcoming news about conventions. It looks like I'll be at the Small Press Expo on September 27th, and Nekocon on November 4-6th. For the Small Press Expo, I have to miss the first day, due to my friend's wedding. I'll still have a table set up, but either somebody else will be watching it for me, or I'll just have a bunch of cards and sample comics placed on the table. I'm really excited about this opportunity, so I hope to see you there for the 2nd day!

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