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Kilika's Rant 08/28/09

Aloha! I'm happy to use old characters like this again. I've been looking for a good excuse to get the old cast back together again. A lot of my close friends have been getting married recently, so that inspired me to use a wedding as the reason for the reunion. One of the things that I'm looking forward to the most is the character match-ups that I have planned.

Marriage has always been a weird concept to me. Yeah, I understand the symbolism and commitment that it stands for, but back in college, I witnessed a lot of people rush into marriage. Fortunately, most my friends getting married this year had a long engagement and didn't rush into it. But I've always figured that getting married means you're willing to commit for life, so why the pressure into getting married young? Does it really change anything? This is speaking from inexperience and an outside perspective, so I acknowledge that I know nothing about the whole deal. I admit that I don't know how those couples feel. I guess I'll understand more when I get married one day. Also, thanks a lot to everybody who sent me an email about my grandma. I really appreciated them! She was 94, so she had a nice long life. My other grandmother lived into her 90's as well (and my Pop Pop is 94, too), so here's hoping that I inherited the same longetivity!

Conventions for 2009!

Setsucon 2009, January 17-18th! (Guest)
Katsucon 2009, February 13-15th! (Guest)
Animazement 2009, May 22nd-24th!
Anime Next 2009, June 12-14th! (Guest)
Anime Mid Atlantic 2009, June 19th-21st! (Guest)
Otakon 2009, July 17th-19th!
Connecticon 2009, July 31-August 2nd!(Guest)

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