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Kilika's Rant 07/13/09

Aloha! Sweet Neptune! Otakon is this weekend! Really, it just kind of crept up on me. Sure, I've been talking it over with my friends sharing the room with me, but whenever we talked, it seemed like the convention was weeks away. Fortunately, I'm stocked up with merch for this con (unlike the disasters of Animazement and AMA, where I didn't have shirts or books in stock), so make sure to drop by and pick up one of the books, or at least just to say aloha. I'll be in section J of the artist alley, right next to Geist Panik and Devil's Panties.

Also, I did go to Jake's wedding over the weekend. You may or may not remember Jake from an earlier comic, but this isn't his first time being drawn into a comic of mine. And yeah, my girlfriend and I were alone at the very last table, but my other former college roomies were suppossed to show up and sit with us at the table as well, but they were lame and didn't come. But hey, we made up for it by taking their parting gifts and wine for ourselves. Vengence was ours!

Conventions for 2009!

Setsucon 2009, January 17-18th! (Guest)
Katsucon 2009, February 13-15th! (Guest)
Animazement 2009, May 22nd-24th!
Anime Next 2009, June 12-14th! (Guest)
Anime Mid Atlantic 2009, June 19th-21st! (Guest)
Otakon 2009, July 17th-19th!
Connecticon 2009, July 31-August 2nd!(Guest)

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