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Kilika's Rant 10/17/08

Aloha! SO! You may be wondering what's up with the comic. It's been on a really screwy schedule! What's the deal, Kilika? Fear not, though! I'm still working my butt off, despite the graphic design gig! If you check through the archives, you'll see that many comics from Comic 131 to Comic 297 have finally been inked/colored/shaded! In fact, I think there's only one or two comics in that group that still needs to be finished. Maybe a third one, but who's counting. And if you are, bah! It'll be finished soon, just once I'm done sleeping for the night/weekend. I'm off to bed.
Oh! Almost forgot! Today's artwork is thanks to a couple of friends of mine. The first is an awesome piece done by the fine gentlemen of ReGrBl!. Seriously, go read that comic. In my opinion, one of the best comics to debut in 2008. The trio is a blast to hang out with, too. I went to Buffalo Wing Factory with them last week, and did one of the stupidest things ever. We tried their "Flatliner" wings. I swear, they must have sprayed mace on the wings or something. The best thing about the experience? You must sign a waiver before you get the wings. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. RGB's Blue brought his camera and recorded me trying the first bite. At first, it wasn't bad. I was dissapointed for a bit, even. Sadly, the camera was turned off when it turned out I wasn't "exciting" enough. Shortly after this, I went to the bathroom with my friend, Karsten, to was our hands. There, I noticed that I couldn't stop drooling. Seriously, it wouldn't stop. I had no idea where it was coming from. It just kept coming... Too bad that wasn't on camera. Also, to the RGB trio, put it on youtube or something.

The next art was done by my friend Nathan Faison, who happens to be an internet-certified reverend. He could do it, and so can you! I'll try to find the site's address next time I talk to him.

And that last piece is an exerpt from an even larger piece I'm working on. Just the part with Blue, though. The background was just for fun.

A lot of progress has been made with Book 3 in the past week, and I really hope it will be done shortly.

November 7-9@ Nekocon (Guest)

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