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Kilika's Rant 05/19/08

Aloha! Graduation was a blast. Spending the weekend with close friends and family was what I really needed. Things got really heated at moments, but they cooled off quickly. I also got to see my close friends Vicky and Andi, who were both awesome enough to drive down from New England to see me walk (barely, too, considering they got there 5 minutes before the ceremony started :D But considering that they drove the whole way, I'm not surprised)

My friends and I also spent most of last week working on our banner for the ceremony. Each department had to create a banner of sorts to display, and we wanted to go all out. So what did we end up doing? Making a gigantic head of our department head on top of a 3 foot tall pez dispenser, spitting out yellow VHS tapes. We made sure to include the his handlebar mustache and pink streak in his grey hair as well. It was a majestic site to see, especially when we later found out we had to walk through a really low door to get inside... Seeing four graduates in our robes fumble with that thing must have been pretty funny to see, because parent's cameras were going off like crazy.

I also want to take this time to thank everybody who emailed me congrats. It means a lot to me that you guys cared enough to take the time to do that. I knew ahead of time that everybody was going to inquire about what I would be doing now that I'm done with college, and I've known my answer for a long time too. I really want to get this comic to the point where I can live off of it one day. I love doing it, and I want to continue working with it to give you guys the best damn comic about surfers I can. And every email I recieved made me feel like it's a goal that I can no doubt achieve one day. Mahalo everybody!

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