Just an animatic, but I really hope you guys enjoy this, and what's in store!

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Kilika's Rant 04/18/08

Aloha! This is just a test run that I put up on the forums the other day. You guys should seriously check those out more often, because I randomly post things there an update or two before I post it on the site, such as this. Anyways, I can assure you that the animation will actually be an animated piece when it's complete, and that the sound will be MUCH better of course. This is the first draft of one of many episodes, if you will. The first one will be up hopefully soon, and the others will go online in place of comic updates in the future. On top of that, two animated shorts will be unveiled at two of my summer conventions. One at Anime Mid Atlantic and the other at Anime Next. All of the drawing, editing and writing is done by yours truely, so that should explain why everything's been so slow recently. The only things not done by myself is the actual voicework and some assistance in extracting the sound from my recorder by Kid. I'm very thankful to everybody who helped me with this, and I hope that I can produce some pieces that everybody will enjoy.

Oh, and Blond's voice is now played by that of the legendary Greg Ayres. As much as I loved Bridgett's voice for Blond a year ago, I feel that this voice suits his personality a lot better.

As for the comic, Blond's fate will be revealed on Monday with the start of the new chapter.

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