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Kilika's Rant 04/11/08

Aloha! Today's guest comic is by Shew Hagerty of Caffeinaliens. I first met Shew back at Anime Boston 2007, when his table was set up right next to mine. He's been doing a lot of cool work since then, and even though his site may only have a few comics up, I can vouch that he has some gnarly work. He's also been at practically every convention that I've been to in the past year, so it's been awesome to watch him grow from Boston 2007. Oh yeah, he also has a sign for his comic made entirely out of Legos.

Ah, Dubra. You get the job done.

Also, the Blue and Blond shirt preorders at Shark Robot will be ending on Monday. Order $44 of anything at the store, and you get free shipping anywhere in the world, so sweet deal there. Judging on how well the shirts sell, I may or may not continue to sell them online for a while. So if you're interested in buying a shirt, I'd reccommend doing it very soon, because who knows what will happen if there aren't enough orders by Monday. Also, if they do pretty well, I will be adding posters, button/pin sets, and a new shirt design I recently whipped up. Thanks!

Oh, and as for Blond, is he dead or not? I did promise something like this back a couple of hundred comics ago...

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