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Kilika's Rant 06/15/07

Aloha! I finally got a chance to watch Surf's Up last night. We were the only ones in the theater (which kind of made me sad for the movie), but that meant that we were able to yell things at the screen without getting in trouble. Love doing that. Anyways, I loved the movie. The art and animation was just beautiful, the humor was great, and the writing was decent considering that it was a kid's movie really. Would anybody be interested in a contest where the prize was the Surf's Up videogame? Feel free to send me an email if you have any ideas on what the contest could be.

Also, I'll be at Anime Mid Atlantic all this weekend, along with books and the new shirt!

I'll be selling the shirt for $10 there, and $12 on the site (starting on Monday). I will be hosting a panel on the business of webcomics Friday night and will be in the usual webcomic panel Saturday morning. Hope to see you there!

Until I post a permanent link for it, here's a temporary link to the forums.

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