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Kilika's Rant 04/06/07

Aloha! Rest In Peace, Scanner. I had you since my first day of college. But unfortunately it's just been acting up too much. So I'll be bringing a new one home today, or just using somebody else's for the time being.

A big thank you to Camile, Douglass and Jake for the fanart above. You may remember Camille from a comic back last summer. All three also submitted some awesome surfboard designs for the contest.

Speaking of which, the winners of the surfboard design contest have finally been choosen! You can check out the list right here. Congrats to those who won, and a big thank you to everybody who participated. And for those of you who didn't win, another contest will be held next month for a copy of Sonic Riders for the game console of their choice, and yet another contest will be held in June for a copy of Surf's Up for the game console of their choice!

Until I post a permanent link for it, here's a temporary link to the forums.

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