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Kilika's Rant 04/02/07

Comic 300 Special! Every Purchase Gets a Free Surfboard Necklace!!

Aloha! As you could guess, today is a special day for the comic. But for two reasons actually. The first is obvious if you read today's comic. The second is that this marks the 3 year anniversary for Blue and Blond being online. I first launched 3 years ago on April 1st, 2004 as a college comic and started over on March 2nd, 2005. If you told me

Speaking about coming to one's senses and changing the comic, I hope that you all enjoyed my April Fool's Joke. I loved every email that I recieved, good and bad. Many of you were very supportive of me taking Blue and Blond in the direction that I want it to go in, despite not liking Blue and Blond becoming a video game webcomic. That meant a lot to me, knowing that many of you feel that way. And then there were the people who stated that they would stop reading if I was in fact serious about changing the comic permanently to a video game webcomic. I'm sorry guys, but you guys were my target for this prank of mine. And you didn't dissapoint with your reactions :) My favorite email was a request to not make Blue and Blond become fat and lazy on the couch. However the emails (and threats) that made me laugh the most were the ones actually egging me on to turn Blue and Blond into an official video game webcomic since they were getting bored of surfing. I'm not sure if you guys were pulling an April Fool's joke of your own or not, but I just find it ironic that people who don't like comics about surfing continue to read my comic.

Just to let you all know though, Blue and Blond will stay a surfing comic and will always remain a surfing comic. Video game references will be made here and there, but surfing is Blue and Blond's life. And Blue and Blond is my life. I feel special knowing that I not only have a webcomic in a very very small genre of webcomics, but that I reached comic 300 by drawing what I love most. However, my passion for surfing only took me half of the way. Your love, support and emails where what carried me the other half. So thank you for your reading and support! Let's carry onwards, towards Comic 600!!

One last thing! As a treat to celebrate today, here's a sneak peak at what the new site design will look like. It still has a lot of work to go and we still have to create many new buttons, but I like where it's going. As for when it'll go up, I don't want to many any promises. I can promise however, that it'll go up as soon as we can get it done.

Until I post a permanent link for it, here's a temporary link to the forums.

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