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Kilika's Rant 03/21/07

Comic 300 Special! Buy any item from the store, recieve a free Blue and Blond necklace!

Aloha! Good news, the results from the contest are finally coming in. When I do the contest again for Book Three (whenever that will be), I'm going to be setting things up a lot easier and quicker for the judges. We'll see. This whole thing turned out to be an unfortunate mess. But I added room for more honorable mentions, so that means more necklaces.

Oh yeah, I found this awesome animated short the other day. Just to let you know, I REALLY love the Jetsons. I grew up on Hannah Barbera, and the Jetsons were always my favorite. Well, John K, the creator of Ren and Stimpy, did two shorts for the Jetsons. Here's one of them, Father and Son Day. I'm looking for the other one, titled Best Son, but so far no luck. I actually don't think that he released it yet. But if anybody knows where I could find it please let me know!

Until I post a permanent link for it, here's a temporary link to the forums.

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