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Kilika's Rant 01/05/07

Aloha! For those of you who think sand is soft to land on, you haven't tried skimboarding. You will be cursing up a storm every time you land hard.

Excellent news, everybody! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would be at Kastucon this year. Well I just heard back from their guest services yesterday, and I'm now going as a guest! So I'll no longer be in the Artist's Alley, but in their webcomics walk along with all of the other guests.

Also, I am happy to announce that the forums are now LIVE!! We've been waiting to launch this since last fall, because we wanted to launch the new site design and everything along with it. But as it turns out, the site has been updated piece by piece instead of all at once like we originally planned. I hope that you all enjoy this feature, and please, don't let the internet get the best of you. We're still working out the kinks and everthing, so if something's broken in there, let me know please.

The Contest is still going to be over in a couple of weeks, but seriously guys, the sooner that I can get those entries, the better. I'm piecing together Book Two, so it would be nice to be able to include those as soon as possible. I've decided that anybody who submits a board or more will automatically get in the book in one way or another. So keep em coming, folks!

Oh yeah, about the two new site features that were supposed to go up yesterday and today. Well, the first one I'm putting the final touches on, so it's almost ready. It's a wallpaper, so I hope that you all will like it. I'm going to be adding a wallpaper donation button like most other webcomics, where I will be adding a new wallpaper every month for people to download if they donate a dollar that month. To kick it off though, January's wallpaper will be free to download.

Todays revisted comic is comic 134, which is now shaded in. Check it out here! Also, I couldn't get internet yesterday, so I couldn't put up yesterday's revised comic, comic 131. But comic 131 is now shaded in as well.
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