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Kilika's Rant 01/03/07

Aloha! As promised, a new item is added to the Blue and Blond Store today! Now you can order the surfboard necklaces online instead of having to find me at a convention. Originally they were con-only items, but I want to give people who don't live on the East Coast a chance to buy one. A picture of them will go up later; when I can steal my brother's digital camera.

I would like to sadly let you guys know that one of my favorite webcomics has come to an end recently.Stubble comics started back in October of 2000, and ended rather nicely in late December 2006. The artist, Josh Mirman, also draws the comic Punks and Nerds, which is still going, so I really suggest checking out both of the comics. Josh is also writing the forward to Blue and Blond: Book Two, something that I really feel honored about.

Oh, and don't forget, the Contest started yesterday, so get to work!

Todays revisted comic is comic 127, is now shaded in. Check it out here!
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