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Kilika's Rant 12.28.06/12.29.06

Aloha! I won't have internet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I decided to update the site a day early. Instead of a regular comic, today is an insight on where Blue and Blond will go to in early 2007. Also, you get a preview for who the captain is of the team that Blue and Blond will face off with at those locations. I can't tell you their names right now, but the locations in order are: Mavericks (California), Alaska, Oceandome (Japan), and New Zealand.

These locations, along with the recent match in San Diego (Chapter 4), will all be in Blue and Blond: Book Three. Book Two is coming along very nicely might I add. Let the fact that I'm already working on Book Three be proof of that. It will go on sale at Katsucon this year, then on the site right after the con.

I decided to add even more features and such to the site next week. Here is the revised schedule:
January 1st: Contest starts
January 2nd: New service to you guys begins for the month of January (wait and see!)
January 3rd: New item added to the store
January 4th: New feature added to the site January 5th: Another feature added to the site

And I'm sure that it goes without saying, but have a Happy New Year's!!
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