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Kilika's Rant 12.27.06

Aloha! Well, I'm able to get internet access for Wednesday and Thursday, but unfortunately not for Friday. So I decided to end the year a comic early, and I will be posting something special on Thursday evening for Friday's update, right before I lose internet again.

And with the end of a year also comes the end of a new chapter. Nothing big may have happened in it, but I really wanted to give you guys an example of how the tournament will be run. But Friday's update will give you guys a taste of what to expect in 2007, which will be quite a year, believe me.

To kick off the new year, a contest will begin on January 1st, a new item will be added to the store on January 3rd, and a new feature will be added to the site on January 5th. Good times. I would also like to thank everybody for reading so far. Whether you've been reading since I even put anything online or if you just started reading, thank you so much. It is because of your continued words of kindness and support that I continue with this comic. Here's to an even greater year! *Holds up mug of Cap'n Brad's Scurvey Grog*
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