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Kilika's Rant 11.17.06

Aloha! Right now I'm at Anime USA. If you're in Virginia, you should drop by. If you're in Northern Virginia, especially in the Fairfax area, you have no excuse not to drop by. This con is in my home town, so I look forward to seeing you there.

You might not see me much on Sunday though. Or any of the other guests for that matter. We're all dropping by Gamestop on Saturday night to pick up my Nintendo Wii. That means that we're all going to probably end up spending all of our time in one of our rooms playing Wii Sports and Red Steel until we pass out. Oh well, it will be worth it:)

Oh yeah, and I'm loving all of these people waiting in line for days in the rain to get a PS3 just to try and sell it on Ebay and make a nice profit. More than half of the people waiting in line are planning on this. My question is, who's left to buy one? Sure, some are selling them have sold for a nice profit, but I'm betting that a few people won't be able to sell theirs for too much. We'll see how it goes, maybe there are more crazy people than I thought.

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