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Kilika's Rant 1.16.06

Aloha! I needed a break from writing the current storyline, so I decided to whip up three snowday comics. The story will continue next Monday.

My family's unofficial motto is "We're not happy until we get thrown out". And that's almost what happened when we went tubing yesterday. When we heard that a kid crossed over five lanes the night before, we made it our goal for the night to make it into the other lanes as well. We didn't make it because they raised the track walls because of that kid earlier, but we still had some crazy launches off of the track. We also tried riding the tubes like snowboards on the small unmonitored hill at the bottom, which actually proved to be quite successful.

My cousin came with us as well. This is the cousin that almost got us thrown out of the minature golf course last summer. When he, my brother and I get together, we have to make whatever we do into some sort of extreme activity. Why we're not dead yet remains a mystery to me.

[ED: I'm sure it also didn't help that he probably got some bad ideas on how to misbehave at a ski resort from playing Amped 3 with me. Launching off a toboggan and into piles of rocks and cliffs isn't something you should do in real life kiddies. ~Kid]

[ED: Sorry guys, but Kid dropped by Richmond last night, so the comic won't be up until a little before noon. ~Kilika]

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