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Kilika's Rant 1.04.06

Aloha! It's totally ironic that today's comic is about a plane going down, because Independence Airlines is going out of business. Their last flight is Thursday night. I wrote this comic sometime before last Halloween. Weird how things sync up this way.

This really hits home, because I already bought my plane ticket to E3 2006 through them. I can't get a refund on it, but they're letting me fly anywhere round trip on any of their last few flights before Thursday night. I'm on winter break, I might as well just take them up on that and visit California for a few hours spontaniously just for the hell of it. That'll show them. *Shakes fist*

1/2/07 Update:
It's weird going back to this comic. Mainly because I never got to go to E3 because my district manager at Gamestop screwed me over. But now the comic is shaded for your enjoyment.

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