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Kilika's Rant 11.04.05

Original Comic

Well, today I'm starting something new. Back in my freshman year of college, two years ago, I created 18 Blue and Blond comics that were originally titled "Rhoads 321". The only people who saw them were the people on my floor. Consider it a "hidden stash" if you will. For your viewing pleasure, I have redrawn those 18 comics, and will be putting them online. If you want to check out the original comic, click the above link.

Rhoads Hall was the dorm I was staying in that year, and the room numbers on my floor ended at room 320. The only people who got that reference were the people on my floor, so I changed the name of the comic to Blue and Blond.

Oh yeah, that's also Blue with Blond's hairstyle. For a while, I had Blue look like that, but I prefer the new spiked look. I didn't want to give up that hairstyle though, so I gave it to Blond, as you can tell.

Part 2 of the Rachel saga will continue once I'm done showing these 18 comics.

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