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Kilika's Rant 10.31.05

Beginning of this story arc

Two things. First off, happy Halloween! The one night where anarchy reigns supreme and is allowed to an extent. Just don't throw an egg at my apartment, because then that would mean that my landlord (Re/Max Commonwealth, *shutter*) and I would get in an argument about who should have to clean it up, and it will stay there until I move out next year.

Second, today marks the 100th strip of Blue and Blond! Alright! Considering that most of the comics that I read are at least 350+ strips long, 100 isn't much (yet). But it's still a nice milestone that I'm happy to achieve. I know that it sounds corny, but I would just like to thank my readers. You guys are awesome. You're the reason why I love cartooning. As long as I bring a smile to somebody's face every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and the occasional Saturday), then I feel that the comic is a success. Every time that any of my readers drops me a line, especially the one's that I've never met, I'm inspired to work even harder to make the best comic strip that I can. Here's to another 100 comics, and then some.

Also, this ends the first chapter of Blue and Blond as you could probably tell by reading the above comic. But if you're one of those people who buy a puzzle book and jump straight towards the back of the book where the answers are located, I trust that the previous sentence was informative. Anyways, the comic WILL continue on Wednesday and keep updating on a normal schedule, so nothing to worry about.

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